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Transit Enthusiast Extraordinaire!


The original Transit Site. Created in 1994. Interesting stuff for the Transit Enthusiast! Tokens, Busses, [Streetcars], Badges, Patches & Buttons, and Tickets ! Links to other transit sites and system information.

Some information about the American Vecturist Association, Token Collecting and Tokens. -->

<-- Bus photos, descriptions, logos and history.

Passes,tickets and transfers from different systems. Some with history and/or usage. -->

<-- Cablecar Photo, information & links to streetcar sites.

A bit of info about the page author...
I currently collect Tokens, Hat Badges, Shoulder Patches, Bus and Streetcar Photos, Model and Toy Busses, HO and N gauge Streetcars, and a few odds and ends (such as a bus farebox, a streetcar passenger counter, a dog from a 'hound, a few Bus Stop signs, etc)

 I have driven transit coaches (Flxible New Look, Grumman Flxible 870, Jimmy Fishbowls, AMGenerals, Twin Coaches) and intercity coaches (GMC 4104, 06, 07, 4905, MCI/TMC 5, 7,8,9,96A3, 102A3 102DL, Eagle 05,10, 15, Prevost LeMirage, H3-45, VanHool and Setra). I want to drive a GMC Scenicruser, a Flxible Clipper and the Wilson Tours articulated Eagle 05.

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Created 1994

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